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Have you wished for a way to: 

  • Be super visible to boats, paddlers, and other swimmers? 
  • Haul enough food and water to fuel your entire multi-hour training swim?
  • Not have to rely on bringing a kayaker for a training swim? 
  • Bring your valuables with you on your swim so it won't be stolen?
  • Collect trash you swim into?
  • Haul your beer around? 
  • Capture the eye of every passerby? 
  • Get a duckload of compliments on a daily basis?


Me too. 


I'm so ducking sick of almost being run over by boats.  I'm lazy, and I don't want to get out of the water each time I need to grab some water or feeds.  I don't want to try and shove all my belongings in a tiny compartment in an even tinier buoy that no one can see if the water is even a little frisky.  I'm done with stuffing trash I find down my suit.  I'm so ducking tired of panicking about whether my stuff is getting stolen on shore.  


Introducing the Quackpacker

  • The Quackpacker is the dream swim companion.  
  • Eyelets to clip or bungee your stuff in - if you're in washing machine conditions, or a dolphin jumps in your duck and it capsizes, your stuff won't be swept away! 
  • A sturdy collar to attach a tether and belt (paracord collar connected with eyelets on the body of the Quackpacker)
  • Reflective stripes on the head
  • Thick and sturdy PVC construction
  • 2 inflation chambers to protect against calamity
  • Inflation time of less than 2 minutes
  • Deflation time of less than 1 minute


Important Note: no accessories, like the waist belt, leash, ICE card, whistle, or dry bag, are included in this product.  For a full kit, please visit the Quackpacker Bundle product listing. 


Care Instructions: 

  • I’m filled with air that can expand rapidly if left in the sun or heat.  If you’re inflating me in a cooler area and taking me out into warm conditions, please underinflate me. 

  • Give me a rinse after both fresh and saltwater use to keep my colors bright and seams strong.

  • If I need a bath, use hand or dish soap to wash me. Please do not use any harsh chemicals that may degrade my seams.

  • If you don’t need me to tag along for a few weeks, deflate me to help me hibernate safely.

  • You can change my appearance by adhering vinyl waterproof stickers to me while I’m fully inflated and leaving them to cure overnight.


Quackpacker - Full Size

SKU: Fullsizeyellow
Excluding Sales Tax
  • Bottom: 0.35 mm thick PVC.

    Body and sides: 0.28 mm thick PVC

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