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1 Mile to 5K: 26 Week Training Plan

You: I want to swim a 5K next year.

Me: Rad. Let's do it.

You: I don't know where to start or what yardage I need to aim for.

Me: No problem. Let's do it.

You: I can only swim a mile-ish right now.

Me: Fantastic. Let's do it.

You: My 5k race is in July.

Me: Perfect. Let's do it.

Download a copy of the 1 mile to 5k training plan. This yardage plan is meant to be a structure to help you ramp your training at the right pace. This doesn't replace the need to cross-train and do injury prevention exercises outside of the pool.

PDF Version:

1 Mile to 5K 26 Week Yardage Plan.xlsx - Mile to 5k
Download PDF • 311KB

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