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A Stowaway to St. Lucia

Otis the Quackpacker was a stowaway for our recent trip to St. Lucia. Although he wasn't my +1 for the wedding we traveled to the island for, he was our mule for beach day and snorkeling, and I won't travel to a swim destination without a Quackpacker again.

Sam and I only had a few days to enjoy St. Lucia, so we packed a hike and swim into the same day. It was the end of the rainy season, so we had bursts of pouring rain every few hours, which led to lots of rainbows. We went on a hike overlooking the Pitons called the Tet Paul Trail, and decided we had to go to the beach right after.

Deflated Otis, our towel, snacks, and snorkeling gear all fit comfortably in the 30L drybag backpack on our walk to Sugar Beach. The beach is almost fully "owned" by a super fancy resort, and they told us we couldn't leave our stuff in any of the resort areas. The one spot of beach that wasn't claimed by the resort was where everyone was getting into scuba dive and fish, and boats were docking, so there wasn't anywhere to safely leave any of our belongings.

We packed absolutely every single thing we brought and wore into Inflated Otis, including:

  • 3 towels

  • 2 pairs of shoes

  • 2 massive waterbottles

  • Sunblock, anti-chafe, baby shampoo

  • 2 sets of snorkeling gear

  • Snacks

  • 30L drybag (fitting most of this stuff)

  • 5L drybag (for wallets, phones, and keys)

We spent hours snorkeling in the turquoise blue 87 degree water. At no point did we feel worried about our stuff getting stolen from shore, as we hadn't left any trace on the beach. We had a boat honk at us as they pulled into the dock (I'm hoping it was because of the duck and not my floating butt cheeks).

Otis was enough of a visual attraction that a *very* high patron sitting on the beach offered Otis some herb on our way out of the water.

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