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Quick Interview with Selkie Sam: Cold Swimming

I live with Selkie Sam and LOVE to pester her with questions. We spent the weekend cold swimming, so what better topic?

Q: Introduce yourself!

A: Hi! I’m Sam. I’m a long-distance swimmer and an ice swimmer. I also like to bake and cuddle with my many pets.

Q: What are you training for?

A: Right now, I’m training for an ice kilometer. I think it’s going pretty well so far!

Q: Will you switch to using a wetsuit at any point?

A: Probably not. I like challenging myself to swim skins in cold water. I don't want to say I'll never do something, because I might have to eat my words later, but at this time, it's highly unlikely I'll start using a wetsuit.

Q: What do you think about while you swim?

A: Whatever song I have stuck in my head at the time, and what I'm going to eat when I get out.

Q: What’s an ice kilometer?

A: According to the International Ice Swimming Association, ice swimming is swimming in water that’s 5°C or colder, equivalent to 41°F or colder. And a kilometer is…a kilometer. So an ice kilometer is swimming a kilometer in water that’s 5°C or colder.

Q: Are you nuts?

A: I mean, probably a little bit? But I make friends with people who think this is an excellent hobby, so I get a lot of social reinforcement for doing weird things.

Q: What’s your favorite piece of swimming gear?

A: My Sporti prescription goggles. They’re way cheaper than Speedo Vanquishers, they actually fit my face, and they’re prescription so I can actually see!

Q: What do you like to eat after a swim?

A: Sourdough toast with butter, Vegemite, and avocado.

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