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The Quackpackers are here!

On September 1st, 10 boxes of Quackpackers arrived on our doorstep. We loaded them all into our warehouse (our garage), and started packing up all the Kickstarter orders. It took most of the weekend, because so many people pledged on Kickstarter!

The floor of our living room was covered in boxes. We filled the boxes with Quackpackers and accessories too quickly for the cats to get a chance to jump inside.

An excited person wearing black shorts and a black shirt sits in a messy living room amongst partially-packed boxes. A tuxedo cat sits next to a box.

We double-checked each box and counted our cats to make sure that no one receives a cat as a bonus item with their Kickstarter reward.

A grumpy white & tabby cat glares at the camera from an orange cushion in front of a large box filled with shipping boxes

We took a quick break to take the Quackpacker and the Quackpacker Mini to Hagg Lake for an afternoon swim. The conditions were rowdy with all the boats out on the lake, but we felt safe because all the boaters could see us when we were towing our Quackpackers.

A Quackpacker floats on the water. The sky is partly cloudy. There are trees in the background.

Back in the processing plant (the living room), we finished packing up the Kickstarter orders and got them ready to head to the post office.

On September 5th (after Labor Day), Daniela loaded all of the boxes into her car!

An excited person wearing a light blue shirt and a black hat sits in a car in front of many boxes.

All of the Kickstarter Quackpackers made it to the post office. Hooray!

A large metal cart in a loading dock full of packed boxes

Now that anyone can order a Quackpacker through the Wild Waters website, we’re packing up even more orders, and we’ll be heading out for another adventure to the post office.

See you and your Quackpacker at the beach!

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